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The INPI is part of the industrial, foreign trade and innovation policy. It has been designed to provide and protect differentiating elements in business competition and to support Brazilian companies international insertion through IP protection. This means that we have to examine applications for patent, trademark, industrial design and other items that are within our competence faster and always with the utmost quality.

What about international cooperation agreements? This global platform of brands brings together about 32 million applications and registrations from 41 countries and four international organizations. Right after finishing his B. Silicon Valley molded the love for technology and innovation in this young engineer s heart, and by he was working on Google s search toolbar.

During his early days at Google, Pichai convinced the co-founders that the company should build its own web browser. This resulted in Chrome, presently the most widely used web browser. In , he took over the responsibilities of Android and by the end of , was in charge of almost all of Google s Apps. With deep understanding of Amazon following the worldwide digital revolution, Kessel forged his reputation in the field, starting with the development of Amazon s original Kindle e-reader and ending with the launch of the Kindle Fire tablet in After returning from a short break, he rejoined Amazon as Senior VP, and is working on a project that involves zero-counter bookstores, aiming at innovating the payment method and turning Amazon into a platform that supplements both online and physical retail channels.

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The benefits — and trials — of a family business

Help to drive greater synergies among Intel s various research and product-development efforts Leaders League. From wearables, wireless charging, UAV to robotics, Intel has been quite active in recent years. Where does your innovation come from? Josh Walden. Most of the innovation initiatives at Intel come from a department that I run called the New Technology Group NTG , whose mission is to imagine, explore, nurture and deliver game-changing technologies and products that make amazing experiences possible.

Our work includes everything from longer-term research that might sound like science fiction to many people - and it s not uncommon for us to collaborate with academic researchers on these types of projects - to products that are selling today. Intel RealSense, the Intel Curie module and Intel technologies for wearable devices are all examples of this latter category.

A lot of other innovations happen across Intel: probably the most notable is the huge innovation from our Technology and Manufacturing Group, which continues its work on Moore s Law. At Intel, how do different project teams cooperate with each other? It depends.

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In some cases, there is a huge amount of cooperation and cross-pollination. For example, our Intel Labs organization spends a lot of time and effort researching technologies that can help evolve Intel s current products. In those cases, there is a huge amount of joint work and collaboration between the researchers in Intel Labs and the engineers in the product business units.

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For instance, we partner with the Data Center Group to ensure they have the right technologies, accelerators and systems that continue to delight our customers. In other cases, a small team may be off by itself exploring an interesting technology or business idea. These are essentially little start-ups within Intel and they may operate fairly independently and, in some cases, may be secretive. An example would be that we recently had an internal venture that was exploring new technologies and business models and, while that particular venture didn t turn into a business, it opened the door for other opportunities originally not seen.

It s fun to see how ideas evolve and can find use in different areas. What do you identify as the biggest challenge during your transformation from the PC era to the new digital boom? Intel has really smart people working in a range of areas everything from how to build the most powerful, capable and energy-efficient chips to people with PhD s in cultural anthropology, studying how people adopt and use all kinds of technology. The mission of my organization is to ensure that we move quickly to explore and realize new opportunities based on emerging trends and technologies.

That means trying to get market quickly and iterating off of those initial offerings. Intel has the tools and resources to take advantage of new models of computing, communications and experiences which are key to move quickly. What is Intel s vision for our future tech life in five years? Intel wants to make the most amazing experiences of the future possible. Right now we re looking at three ways to make this happen. First we want to help create a world where everything is smart and connected. You can see this happening in our Internet of Things Group as well as the technologies for wearables, sports, fashion and related markets coming from my group.

Second, Intel wants to be at the forefront of adding human-like senses to devices. The Intel RealSense cameras that can see and sense the world in three dimensions are prime examples of this. Finally, we see the cloud playing a huge role in processing, storing and making use of all the data generated by smart connected devices and by devices that sense the world like humans. Now, all of that said, if I see an interesting opportunity that isn t part of these categories, I will pursue it immediately. The structure of my organization which is multi-faceted can change very quickly, depending on the opportunity.

Expected to succeed the founder Masayoshi Son as CEO, this man is clearly injecting new dynamism into the year old Softbank. Arora spent 10 years as an executive at Google, heading the global sales team and opening up new advertising markets before joining SoftBank last year. Another thing Arora undertook after joining the company was to look for opportunities in India through speed pitching sessions with almost 40 Indian entrepreneurs, in order to really understand the market.

The CEO has a lot of hope in the growing start-up ecosystem in India and believes that now is a phenomenal time to be an entrepreneur in his country of origin. When it comes to investing, Arora prefers start-ups that have proven products and a need to expand; there are also personal factors, as he reportedly said I only invest in founders who are willing to be my friends, hang out with me and build large companies.

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He also focuses his activities on developing innovative solutions for the storage and converged infrastructure industry, as well as future disruptive technologies. As such, he will face an important transition this year.

And how such massive companies with entrenched cultures will come together remains to be seen, but the process is certain to call on Desai s unique expertise. The subject of entrepreneurship is near and dear to my heart with research centers, like our 8-year partnership with the National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control Inria.

What measures will you implement to strengthen your leadership in the cloud? Nicolas Gaume. As one of the 3 biggest players in the Cloud, we distinguish ourselves on three main axes. First, Microsoft is a committed player in the data protection of its customers. We also play the hybrid Cloud card, which allows our customers to choose to host data in their own data centers or in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, depending on their levels of sensitivity and requirements. Additionally, the Azure Cloud is open and interoperable with many solutions on the market, such as RedHat or Linux.

Finally, Microsoft is a cutting-edge player on all aspects of data from collection, processing to predictive analysis. These technological advances stem especially from our collaboration Leaders League. How do you accompany start-ups in digital? Having been a young entrepreneur, the subject of entrepreneurship is near and dear to my heart.

For students, the Imagine Cup competition rewards the most innovative projects in categories such as business creation, community projects or video gaming. We also have a special support program of 10 partner accelerators. We offer tech support and entrepreneurial expertise through numerous workshops, as well as our network of customers and partners to help start-ups develop sales.

Our own accelerator, Microsoft Ventures, further assists companies with great potential. Such support of young companies shows our ambition to add value to French start-ups while respecting their goals. Olivier Roberdet Co-founder, PRIZM Wanting to transform our music experience at home, this year IT genius launched Prizm, a context-conscious music streaming adapter that recognizes the tastes and moods of people in the same room to play music that everybody likes.

Having lost his wife to cancer, his decision to lead Grail is also largely personal. Can you define Perceptual Computing in the simplest of terms for our readers? Shunsuke Nakamura.

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It is the ability of an electronic device to sense what is going on in its near vicinity and provide appropriate feedback to create an enhanced human experience. There are many devices with sensors that can detect human behavior quite easily, and the rise of this technology is going to revolutionize the next frontier of human-computer interaction. Winning at the Intel Perceptual Computing Competition gave us an international push and the confidence to move on from entrusted development to developing our own products.

How is the innovation environment in Japan, financially speaking?

In spite of the existence of a large market, the prospects for an entrepreneur in Japan are largely governed by the fact that people belong to an ageing society deeply rooted in old traditions, and the concept of one job for life still exists. So it is not the easiest place to be an innovator or a disruptor. But some innovations, especially in sectors dealing with non-verbal communication like music, or emerging technologies like FinTech or IoT, are not related to nationality and hence attract funding more easily. In your view, how do design and technology come together in today s rapidly evolving entrepreneurial climate?

During the course of my PhD in design and technology, I came to realize that creativity does not always come in the form of a random set of ideas. It arrives from profound logical thinking. So I believe that entrepreneurs need to be logically creative, in order to come up with truly disruptive ideas. AI Develops a semi-autonomous driving system with limited resources Founded in , comma. A decade later, he surprised the world again by building an AI system for self-driving cars, closely emulating human driving behaviors. Hotz comments and queries: AIs today are like small children, what can we do to grow them up?

Having secured funding from VC firm Andreessen Horowitz in March , Hotz expects to ship his first product by the end of , with a system compatible with the top five most popular cars in the US. He claims that his self-driving device is targeting a different customer sector than its main competitors, Tesla and Google, and that his product enables cars to drive in more diverse road conditions. As a technologist and blogger who grew up in Kenya and Sudan, Hersman has always had a fascination with the application of technology to develop the region. His mobile app Ushahidi played a vital role in mapping violence during the Kenyan crisis in Later, he led the design and prototyping of a physically robust connectivity device which could hold enough power to survive a blackout, suited for a continent like Africa.

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  4. Erik regularly writes for two influential blogs called WhiteAfrican and Afrigadget, discussing technological innovation in Africa. The brain behind one of the App Store s most successful apps that provides professionally produced in-house content for all categories of cooks, Gao s motto: "anyone can cook". This app differentiates itself through its HD photos, videos, and step-by-step recipes, as opposed to amateurish content on most other cooking apps.

    The robotic printer is slated for worldwide release later this year. What gave rise to the initial idea of a Robotic Printer? Was it a product that evolved before taking its current form? Tuvia Elbaum. During my ten years of experience as an entrepreneur, I have had to move around a lot. I have had to work out of coffee shops, on the train, at parks, like a lot of people today.