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It was romantic and common at the same time and showed how an event can mark a life and last a lifetime without ever happening again. It was a good read, but only a one-time read. I enjoyed it and will always remember it, but I don't wish to reread it.

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Sheldon51 aol. Heather and Brandon's rollercoaster romance keeps you rooting for Heather, then Brandon. A great book … I read it at least once a year. The original cover is still the best. Havemann lexisnexis. I first read it in high school some 41 years ago, but it is one of those handfuls of books that have stayed with me long after I closed its covers. Even my year-old daughter enjoyed it, meaning that it has withstood the passing of time well.

It was a book that "spoke" to me. PhotoJaq aol. JerJanKel aol. I have also seen the movie 15 times What can I say? I truly do 'give a damn' about this book!

Dederip aol. Smartboo aol. Mnirisher aol. I read it when I was a kid and never forgot the dreamy atmosphere it created. PRobie cdgnow. Ediger am. Sheila aol. Donna aol. I was just a teenager, of course, but it made a big impression upon me and I still remember it fondly. CSchu aol. DFazio aol. JennieL6 aol. StevesKat comcast.

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LadyHawke aol. PDBlackCloudx2 aol. Mompoetcat aol. Booksie2 aol. Aligosali7 aol. It was written beautifully and was the book that I most recommended to my fellow book readers. CSOHill aol. I read it and was warmed, smiled, cried and thought a lot about relationships. Woodiwiss was the most romantic book I ever read. Nakape aol. Elviswatson aol. Hudson, about a girl who lived in the South American jungles.

What a wonderful story. There is a love story that crosses the ages, and continues in her following novels.

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A wonderful mind has created these characters who we love and put them so deeply into their worlds. I have loved them. ReoneK aol. I first read it when I was a teenager. It is probably not everyone's idea of romance as it cannot be called "a bodice ripper. However, when there is romance, it is beautiful and it is a story of true love with a happy ending. Mrick aol. MLewisesq aol. Written in approximately , it's the story of an Australian man and an Englishwoman who meet at the end of World War II. The two share a few misunderstandings, and miscommunications ensue.

But they meet again and their story is enthralling. I have read this book several times, and love it each time. The book was adapted by the BBC for a mini-series around and is available on video. Bryan Brown, a gorgeous Australian actor, plays Joe.

Annie aol. Sumac1 aol. But then again, I'm not that big on romance. Beastie aol. Every person that has read it has rated it 5 stars and thinks it should be made into a movie! LuvstoDance12 aol. I cried at the end of the book it was such a moving and romantic love story. I loved how the relationship between Jamie and Claire developed and how they finally gave in to their feelings. Loved it, loved it, loved it!! Bratlaw aol. This book is a time travel book and is one of my favorites. I think romance novels are downplayed by the literary world and should be given more importance because they are feel-good books.

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My criteria for a good romance is a detailed plot, a strong male and female character, and some smut. Bastic comcast. Hands down. Garrett says the things that most guys can only dream of thinking up! His intense love for his departed wife is what all women dream they could have. Most men can only strive to express themselves with half the romanticism that Garrett did.

The book tugs the heart strings one direction and back another several times, and leaves the reader in awe in the end. An excellent book, one I should probably read again before Valentine's Day! LeeLee netscape. I read this in the late s and was enthralled by it then.

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Set in India, it is a love story of epic proportions and resonates long after you finish the novel. Not only is it my favorite love story, but it has to be one of my favorite books of all time. AcerBB aol.

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I sat down and read the entire book in an afternoon because I couldn't put it down. I sat there at the end with tears streaming down my face. It is a classic love story about the "choices" we make. It's the story of how she puts the lives of family before her own happiness, yet never forgetting the lost love. One of my favorite books ever!!