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If we can learn to tell the difference, we can start doing the work to heal ourselves rather than waiting for a partner to read our minds and give us what we need. This makes us stronger and healthier individuals as well as partners. When I realize that my heart wants love, but my head thinks that sounds like a terrible idea, I try to honor both. I may go forward with caution, but I know I will move forward.

Beginning a new relationship will probably feel like walking through a minefield of triggers. Some days my head is louder than my heart. On other days, my heart rules. Sign in.

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Get started. Crystal Jackson Follow. I Love You Relationships now. Remember that time you fell in love and the rest of the world just disappeared? Falling in love is a bit like losing yourself to somebody else. At the early stages of a relationship, very often we feel like we have gone a bit crazy. There is chemistry behind falling in love and, although individuals experience it differently, it is shown that dopamine has a powerful impact on our brain and makes us feel like we are high on drugs. A very common pitfall for couples is living as if they are one, namely, living in symbiosis.

Symbiosis is a synonym for "being dependent on one another". This idyllic romance has one massive disadvantage though: the projection of parts of ourselves onto the other, together with dreaded feelings such as fear of rejection, anger, frustration, rage, lack of trust, and resentment. What we are doing is unconsciously bringing back to life old patterns often experienced in our family when we were young. Patterns that we lived in our childhood and that, sneakily, impact our relationships and their healthy development. Or we may be using dysfunctional strategies in an attempt to unconsciously reconfirm what we think we deserve or expect from life.

Over time in a relationship you run the risk of playing a role that is expected of you. Distraught, and desperate to put a positive spin on it, she decided his anger was further evidence of his tremendous love for her; it was protective, not controlling. Over time, a pattern developed. Whenever Lisa tried to spend time away, Jake got angry.

According to Mr. During these times, he would belittle her and say she would never find someone like him again.

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Eventually, he would break up on the spot and disappear. Somewhere in the middle of the craziness, driven by confusion and frustration, Lisa came to see me for help. In the s, their founder and leader Sun Myung Moon said :.

P.S. I Love You

The man who is full of love must live that way. When you go out witnessing, you can caress the wall and say that it can expect you to witness well and be smiling when you return. What face could better represent love than a smiling face? This is why we talk about love bomb; Moonies have that kind of happy problem. Pimps and gang leaders use love bombing to encourage loyalty and obedience as well.

Love bombing works so well, some have tried to use its powers for good.

The Danger of Being in Love with “Love”

In , British author and psychologist Oliver James recommended love bombing as a technique for parents to get their troubled children to behave better. A reporter for The Daily Express tried the technique with her son and reported:. Love bombing enabled me to see my child through a fresh lens, my disposition towards him softened and he seemed to bask in the glow of positive attention.

Though it has a long history, this article covers love bombing used as a manipulative technique, to maintain power and control in a relationship. Love bombing is an attempt to influence another person with over-the-top displays of attention and affection. Whatever the source, love bombers are experts at detecting low self-esteem , and exploiting it.

On paper, these folks are attractive, but something makes them doubt their own value. Along comes the love bomber to shower them with affection and attention. Love bombers are manipulators who seek and pursue targets. This is not to say that idealization by itself is unhealthy in romantic relationships. This is classic psychological conditioning at play here. Devaluation started when Lisa stepped away to spend time with a friend.

His abrupt change in attitude was all the more jarring, because it seemed provoked by objectively neutral behavior. After all, two healthy people who adore each other have no reason to be jealous , and part of the joy of new love is bragging to friends and family about it, right? Not for love bombers. These manipulators use devaluation to control romantic partners.

Where Are They Now: Monica Leon aka Danger From For the Love of Ray J | Lipstick Alley

No matter how confident they might appear, they lack self-esteem and use others for validation. Devaluation becomes a tool to keep the victim isolated and dependent.

Jake devalued Lisa, tearing her down to solidify his power over her. When she gave in to his angry outbursts, canceled plans, and avoided friends, Jake felt more powerful and in control, and when Lisa pushed back or defended herself, he felt threatened, and would use the threat of a breakup as further punishment.


Most couples involved in this toxic cycle will go through multiple rounds of idealization and devaluation. The final phase in the love bombing cycle is the discard, which usually happens for one of three reasons:. The devalued partner no longer supplies what attracted the love bomber in the first place. Seeing his partner as exhausted, broke, depressed , or less attractive, the bomber discards her for someone shiny and new.

The love bomber uses the discard as part of the manipulation, fully planning to reconnect in the future. Think of it like devaluation on steroids. He disappears, sometimes without warning, leaving the victim feeling devastated and confused. Curiously absent in many cases is an apology. Instead, the return is a test of his power and control, a challenge to see if his discarded partner can be conned into another round of abuse. If so, the cycle repeats. No matter how these manipulators do it, the discard comes as a shock. Even for the partner in scenario 2 who pushes back.

How could this happen, especially after all the sacrifices to make him happy? Spotting the love bomb is both easy, given enough time, and difficult over the short run. So how do you know if the guy who has you daydreaming at work, and feeling like a teenager again, is a love bomber? Manipulative love bombers don't just walk up and say: "We belong together. That's why they target the vulnerable. Masquerading as "good listeners," the bomber gathers intel on your likes, dislikes, insecurities, hopes, and dreams. Before you know it, they're saying you have so much in common, therefore you must be soul mates.

Danger in love...(patty smithe & don henley)

A good litmus test is to think of your best friend, how much you have in common, and how often the two of you agree or disagree. Now consider how long it took to build that bond.