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However, unlike the rest of the series except for Snow-Kissed novella that provides a bracketing story to Sun-Kissed , the location of this story is not Paris or Provence, but the Hamptons. However following her absence in his life during her six-month stint in prison for insider trading and the empty nest of his heart, now that both his daughters are married, it seems that perhaps this situation will change. For whomever may doubt this, yes, year-olds and older can definitely have a romantic life and can have very hot sexual encounters.

Although their respective children may be slightly embarrassed at the evident heat that Mack and Anne produce in one of the most steamy dance scenes ever written, their significant others are able to help them see their parents as people deserving of passion. Yes, he's a billionaire and a super alpha male, master of the universe, but there was always something about him that was intriguing.

But Florand creates a three-dimensional figure that on the surface is pure perfection, but hidden carefully inside is a woman afraid to trust. This book takes place over the course of about a week, from start to finish. But there is no sense of time being truncated.

In Sun-Kissed: A Novel, Laura Florand offers readers a highly literate romance, with prose that almost becomes poetry at times. While it is definitely an integral part of the series, this novel easily could be a stand-alone read. Sun-Kissed by Laura Florand is definitely a five-star, must-read romance that celebrates love of all ages.

I received a copy of Sun-Kissed from the author for use in this review. With a new chief of police brought in from outside Angel Butte to help clean up the corruption, Janice Kay Johnson adds a new hero to the her The Mysteries of Angel Butte series. Their story, how they grow to trust one another, how the children are effected by the move, was center stage in this All a Man Is. Johnson has devised a mystery in this book that engrossed this reader, who also more than enjoyed the sparks between Cait and Noah as well as the troubled sibling relationship, heightened by the animosity between Colin and Noah.

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One of the reasons I find this series so fascinating is Johnson's ability to portray her characters so vividly and so distinctly. These books were my introduction to the Harlequin SuperRomance line, for which Johnson is a regular and beloved contributor - and they've definitely sold me on it. Could not put this book down! I'm so happy that Johnson decided that there were more stories to tell in The Mysteries of Angel Butte than the trilogy she originally intended. She's played a role in most of the investigations, from the discover of a backpack in the first book to being the first responder in a hostage situation in the third, Jane is someone who definitely jumps off the page.

In the stories, it was evident that there had been some kind of relationship gone wrong between Jane and Sheriff Department's Sergeant Clay Renner, a former Army Ranger, but the details weren't known. In Cop by Her Side we learn about what happened between Jane and Clay when they're thrown together during the abduction of her niece from Jane's sisters almost fatal car accident.

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At first glance a working relationship between them seems impossible as Clay appears to be an unrepentant chauvinist, while Jane not only holds higher rank than he does, but she's also someone who doesn't fade into the background. Soon it becomes apparent that Jane and Clay both carry scars from their parental upbringing that could derail any close relationships. However if they can overcome them, perhaps they might have a chance together.

This story is fascinating on many levels and the interrelationships of the characters make this a most compelling read. I've awarded this book five stars because from the very first page, I could not put it down and actually read no could say devoured it in just a few hours. I'm really looking forward to the fifth and final installment in this addictive series, This Good Man publish date: Sept 1, When their books are released, I do a happy dance, because I know that their words will sparkle with a lightness and sincerity, even when they deal with difficult topics.

One author who embodies this is Beth Ciotta.

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So it was with great pleasure that I found myself purchasing the fourth book in that series, In the Mood for Love when it was released last week. No breaks, no discussion. All tech in the house was disabled well, there was an electrical storm going on as well. I just curled up and read for a little over three hours, becoming totally enamored of the story of the protagonists, Harper and Sam. You may recall their unexpected and steamy hookups from the previous book, Anything But Love.

Right for him, but it seems that all candidates should echo the calm personality of his late wife.

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Where is she anyway? He and Harper together generate enough electricity to power not only the farmhouse, but Sugar Creek. But is it only the physical side of things or could actual emotions be involved?

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In my opinion, every woman should meet a man like Sam McCloud. Former military, furniture designer, craftsman, devoted husband, now single father of two - just someone who radiates kindness as well as hot sexuality. Yes, this is one man that no woman would want to say goodbye to. Why would you when Harper describes him favorably to Dylan McDermott, who she sees interviewed on a morning talk show. Yep, Sam is that hot!

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Is it possible that under the brittle celebrity focused publicist exterior that Harper may be disguising the heart of a romantic? Does Sam see this or just the hot babe who started his engine again? Well, Ciotta explains it much better in this passage, one of my favorites: Just now, surrounded by castles and tiaras, Harper wanted something in between, something romantic.

Instead of Rambo, she wanted a knight in shining armor. Her vision clouded and she swore she saw Sam in full body armor. Richard Gere as Sir Lancelot. Clive Owen as King Arthur. Anyone else want to hop in the car to travel to Sugar Creek and hang out in Moose-a-lotta, the happening coffee shop run by Chloe and Daisy?

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  • Seriously, Ciotta has a true gift of how to convey who her characters are until they practically take physical form in front of you. The gentle evolution of perpetually-in-motion, uber-connected, non-relationship driven Harper and gentle, quiet, patient, and strong Sam is just beautiful to read. Yes, you might have questions about who these people are, but this story is fairly self-contained. And to top it all off, the grandmother who raised Addy and Tommy, her mentally disabled brother, dies suddenly when a piece of space debris the size of a Kenmore dishwasher lands on her, killing her instantly.

    Returning to the small town she grew up in, Addy is forced to support herself and Tommy by taking on boarders. Her life appears to be returning to normal until she finds herself caught between two love interests, both of whom suspect her of murder. What more can go wrong?

    By Jenny Frame. Annie Brannigan is a survivor, remaining positive through hardships. As an agency housekeeper, she moves from post to post with her daughter Riley, taking care of people who have everything she will never have. By Erin Dutton. Best-selling romance author Jenna Hardy, aka Cassandra Hart, sprints through life from one appearance to the next, always on deadline, always in demand, always on the arm of a different beautiful woman. She has no personal life because her entire existence is public, and part of her appeal. She loves the tempo, the power, the thrill until the pace catches up to her and she collapses at a book signing.

    Her doctor orders rest, her editor wants a three book series yesterday, and her attorney informs her she has just inherited a farm in the backcountry of Vermont. Divine intervention or Fate's little joke? Unfortunately, everything about Jenna's high-profile lifestyle is exactly what Gard wants to leave far, far behind, that and a dark secret that haunts the new life she's made.

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    By MJ Williamz. In the small town of Maybon Tir, Joey Scarpetti is the resident playboi. She swore off relationships after college, and her reputation is well deserved. Until she meets Samantha Brewer. All Joey was looking for was a little fun, but she finds herself developing feelings for Samantha. Samantha is still grieving the loss of her partner and is three months pregnant. She doesn't think she's ready to move on, especially with someone of Joey's reputation. Joey is terrified of Samantha's pregnancy but soon warms to the idea of a family. But is Samantha ready to lay her lost love to rest?

    Joey struggles to convince Samantha she's the right one for her, but feels helpless competing with a ghost. Both women have reasons for avoiding the relationship, but sometimes the pull of true love is too strong to ignore. By CF Frizzell.

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    With both her newspaper and her love hanging in the balance, Mel is put to the test. Should she stand her ground? And will Shay still be there when the dust settles? By Elan Barnehama.

    When Barbara Phillips arrives in Bluefield, Virginia, to begin her medical residency, she thinks she is headed for an uneventful few years filled with work in an obscure little town where no one knows her—which is exactly what she wants. Everything changes when she enters Nicky's diner and begins a journey that will last a lifetime as she falls in love against her better judgment and best-laid plans.

    The free-spirited Nicky later attends the March on Washington and impulsively and anonymously sleeps with a man in hopes of getting pregnant and starting a family with Barbara. When Nicky gives birth to Paul, her sister steps in to adopt Paul for his own "protection.