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That draws Caffery into the hostage situation. Sexual obsession, rejection as fuel for violence and revenge on the part of an arms dealer all add to a chilling, ominous atmosphere in which mangled characters lurk—Ian the Geek and Honig, the captors; the retired colonel who lives nearby with a wheelchair-bound wife and a nurse in his bed; and Oliver, fraught with fractured mortality after his heart operation and yet strong enough to puzzle out the source of the obscene bloodlust.

Houston, Victoria Tyrus Books pp.

Police Chief Lewellyn Ferris is called to the Pine River, where kayakers have discovered the body of a local banker, an employee of multimillionaire Bud Jarvison, in a snowmobile suit. The man and his machine may look like they went through the ice accidentally back in the winter, but the bullet hole in his head proves otherwise.

This time, Doc—who needs a distraction from his ailing grandson—and fishing-and-hunting guide Ray Pradt join in the search, which takes them to a dangerous part of the forest, an area known for a large pack of wolves who have already killed a number of valuable hunting dogs. Now Lew and her helpers must connect the common place where these two unrelated people met their deaths to a common motive.

A favor for an old friend puts Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire in a tough spot. Detective Gerald Holman has committed suicide in a neighboring county whose sheriff is willing to have Longmire investigate at the behest of the widow, who refuses to believe her straight-arrow husband could do such a thing. Looking more closely into the case, Longmire finds that several other women have also gone missing from the area. Though they seem to have nothing in common, he has to consider a possible serial killer.

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Tracking another of the missing women to Deadwood, S. Leon, Donna Atlantic Monthly pp.

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But when Nickerson suddenly vanishes after three weeks of daily visits, his credentials turn out to be anything but proper. Several of the rare books he consulted have gone missing, and pages and illustrative plates have been removed from many others. Brunetti The Golden Egg, , etc. This one really is for readers who love books. Maybe the diaries will explain why her mother was so emotionally distant. Patrik and Erica are pulled deeply into the developing investigation. Soon the line between good and evil blurs as they delve into the complicated history of Swedish involvement in the war.

Fans of Nordic noir will appreciate this taut, twisty mystery enriched with historical detail. A Chicago ex-cop seeks solace in a Wisconsin forest. So his partner, Malcolm, jawbones him into a yearlong stint as a ranger in Peninsula State Park, a finger of land jutting into Green Bay. He still broods, and he still drinks too much, but he starts to enjoy the routine and the beauty of the woods. Then a series of deaths shatters the landscape.

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A teenager is hacked to death with an ax. A local fisherman is blown up on his boat. Two cyclists are slashed by piano wire strung between trees. Otto wants to cancel the annual spring festival that brings waves of tourists into the park. But local businessmen, led by J. Dugan Beck, whose family made a fortune in beer, browbeat Sheriff Halverson into letting the festivities continue.

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  7. Beck also hires Dave privately to investigate. Can a bigcity cop solve a series of murders whose only witnesses may be the hemlocks? An atmospheric debut with enough twists to tempt puzzle aficionados. Thomas, Will Minotaur pp. Disguised as Chinese, Cyrus became involved in the Taiping Rebellion back when Nightwine was a British officer with a reputation for butchery.

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    Cyrus is sure Nightwine deliberately got his newly arrived brother killed in battle. Soon enough, Cyrus and his assistant, Thomas Llewelyn, are on the run, falsely accused of murder, with prices on their heads. Luckily, Cyrus has many friends and bolt-holes he can use while he tries to get proof that Nightwine is behind a conspiracy to bilk the Foreign Office out of large sums of money. A landscaper uses her psychic powers to solve murders old and new. Baxley Powell is desperate to finish her latest job.

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    The unfortunate. This time, the body she unearths is much more recent. Her latest find sets off visions of a beautiful young woman named Lisa who sits weeping for her lover, Jay, and the baby born of their illicit affair. Finding the third side to the triangle may help Baxley convince Wayne to hire her as a police consultant. The cottage was named for the barn where Maria Marten, a willful young Polstead woman, was murdered and buried more than a century ago.


    Not only did Hester die while huddled away in a tiny room that fills Josephine with dread, but some restless presence also demands her attention. But Josephine begins to suspect that a living person has played an important part in the more recent history of the cottage—and may mean harm to its new owner in this carefully crafted tale of heartbreak and haunting.

    For more patient readers, the contemplative tone and historical detail yield their own rewards, along with a couple of clever surprises. As the Second Empire wanes, a series of murders baffles a dissolute Parisian police commissioner and his long-suffering factotum. Van Laerhoven packs much complexity into pages, giving this historical mystery the heft of a far longer work—but not the coherence.

    In , Napoleon III is losing the Franco-Prussian war, Paris is under siege, and aristocrats are girding themselves for yet another revolution. Although the notorious author of Les Fleurs du Mal died in , the poetry appears to be in his handwriting. As the investigation continues, the narration fragments as other characters add their voices to the puzzle.

    Simone confesses her incestuous affair with Charles, which resulted both in her infection with syphilis and the birth of her daughter—Claire de la Lune. The flowers of evil, sketched in lurid botanical detail. A best-seller when it was first published in in Australia: A telephone operator turns sleuth when a colleague is murdered. The exchange, a hive of activity, quiets down a bit during the night, when the mostly female staff has more time for gossip, jealousy and backbiting.