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Life is full of surprises.

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Sometimes changes upend everything we thought we knew, inverting our perceptions of the people and world around us. Part of the joy and terror of living lies in experiencing these inversions. A former rock star who can no longer sing. Escaped convicts with much to atone for. A strange boy with an affinity for plants.

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Gods watch mortals make a seemingly simple choice. Tiny shoe prints lead to a birthday adventure.

A hostage tries to salvage a botched bank robbery. A soldier flees war only to find it follows. And a quest for a missing corporate department that may actually be hiding. Seven years old, he had never begun to talk.

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And phosphates and calcium. In fact, the plants are talking to him and through him, and what they are saying would be terrifying if anyone paid attention. Free from Smashwords. The Greater Portland Scribists was formed in July and published their first anthology the following June. Since then, they have published an anthology every summer. After the publication of their fifth volume in , they decided to look back and select the best stories for a special edition.

With the help of fans in autumn , they chose one story each from current and previous members. The only road there from the capital quickly becomes an unpaved track so thickly overgrown that at times we had to stop and cut back encroaching brush before we could proceed. Branches constantly scraped the sides of the lorry and whipped through the windows. From the mission, there are only footpaths to the three villages.

Scribings, Vol 3: Metamorphosis

All rights reserved. Website created and maintained by Finestkind Web Design. Given first pick, Schiff chose to create one from the future Space Ranger. Schwartz was unhappy with the pick, feeling that readers would more readily identify with a hero from the present.

He conceived the idea of an Earth man repeatedly traveling to a planet in the Alpha Centauri star system using a fictional Zeta-beam altered by space radiation, and named his character Adam after the first man on Earth according to the Abrahamic faiths , since Adam Strange was the first Earthman on another planet. The first artwork of the character was a cover for Showcase 17 by Murphy Anderson ; though Schwartz rejected the drawing and commissioned a new one by Gil Kane , Anderson's costume design was retained.

A science major, Schwartz specialized in giving Fox scientific pointers that gave the Adam Strange tales a plausibility that made them stand out from most science fiction of the time. Sales on the three-issue Showcase tryout were enough to justify giving Adam Strange a slot in Mystery in Space , which ran in issues 53— and Though Schwartz and Fox continued their work on the character, Schwartz gave the penciler assignment to Carmine Infantino instead of Sekowsky.

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When a letter to the editor pointed out the group had not met Adam Strange and could not have heard of him, as all his heroics took place on Rann, Schwartz and Fox wrote a story showing how the Justice League came to Rann and how Adam Strange saved them from Kanjar Ro. Following the discontinuation of the Adam Strange stories, reprints were presented in Strange Adventures through except for , which instead has a new story with Strange, written by Denny O'Neil , while has a new Strange text story, by Fox, with illustrations by Anderson.

Through the s, the character was a regular presence in the DC Universe despite having no series of his own. In September Adam Strange began as a back-up feature in Green Lantern this lasted from to In this retcon, the population of the planet, the majority of whom view the Terran with contempt, is sterile, and Adam Strange is there to be a breeding stud. In a limited series , The Man of Two Worlds , Adam learns of the population's opinion of him, and Alanna dies giving birth to their daughter Aleea.

In JLA 20 July , Alanna is revealed to be alive and is briefly reunited with her husband and daughter before Adam is transported back to Earth. In , Jeff Lemire said he intended to introduce a New 52 incarnation of Adam Strange at some point in Justice League Canada , a series scheduled to launch in Spring Strange is an archeologist suddenly teleported from Peru, Earth, to the planet Rann through a " Zeta-Beam ".

Upon his arrival, he is attacked by one of the planet's predators and rescued by a dark-haired woman called Alanna. She takes him to her father Sardath, who explains that the Zeta-Beam was transmitted to Earth in the hopes that whatever form of intelligent life lived there would trace it back to Rann, and he also theorizes that in the 4.

Called on to protect the planet from extraterrestrial threats using Rann's technology, Strange grew to care for the planet and its inhabitants, especially Alanna. Eventually, the effects of the beam's transportation wore off, automatically returning Strange to Earth at the exact point of departure -- but not before Sardath had given him a schedule of beam firings, allowing him to periodically return to the planet. Using mathematical calculations, he was able to determine the exact time and the precise locations at which the Zeta-Beams would arrive.

He travels the world and intercepts them, to defend Rann and be with Alanna. Adam Strange kidnapped the entirety of the Justice League and put them to forced labor to reconstruct Rann, as part of a ruse to rescue Alanna and her father.

Planet Heist , a eight-issue limited series , written by Andy Diggle , penciled by Pasqual Ferry and colored by Dave McCaig , replaced Adam Strange's costume with a spacesuit that allows for interstellar travel. Adam was prepared to relocate to Rann permanently when he was informed that the planet was destroyed and that he was blamed for its destruction. In fact, Sardath transported Rann to another dimension to save the planet from the cosmic being Starbreaker. Adam, with the help of the Omega Men and the Darkstars , among others, saved Rann and defeated the evil being.

When Rann was moved, its orbit was believed to have pushed the planet Thanagar closer to its sun, destroying much of the surface it was later discovered that the actions of Superboy-Prime moved Thanagar. Many Thanagarians were relocated to Rann, but enmity between the two races resulted in a war, depicted in Rann-Thanagar War. Strange was eventually able to end the war when he discovered evidence of Superboy-Prime's role in Thanagar's relocation. Adam was stranded on a paradise-like planet with Animal Man and Starfire. As a result of a teleportation accident involving the Zeta-Beam he lost both of his eyes , but in spite of his injuries he tried to fix a damaged spaceship so that the trio might return home.

This ragtag team made a stand against the villainess Lady Styx , whose undead legions were ravaging planets across the galaxy. With Styx presumably defeated and Animal Man seemingly killed, Strange and Starfire continued their journey back to Earth and Rann, still pursued by angry Lady Styx followers.

With Starfire wounded in one such battle, and their ship breaking apart and malfunctioning, Adam was saved by Mogo and a rookie Green Lantern. Brought to Rann, Strange was equipped with new eyes, cloned by Aleea and genetically engineered to grant him vision of the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

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He was briefly questioned by the Green Lantern Corps about the secret of 52 but, when an emergency arose during the interrogation, the Lanterns offered to respond in Strange's stead so he could return to his wife. In issue 1, Adam finds himself replaced as Rann's protector by Champ Hazard , a former actor from Earth.

However, Hazard has no regard for any life and is responsible for ending his battles in a horrifically bloody way. It appears Champ was infected by a madness plague created by Lady Styx before leaving Earth, and has infected one third of the people on Rann, causing them to riot and say "Believe in Her. Adam Strange's actions in this story result in the depopulation of Prince Gavyn's Throneworld at the hands of Lady Styx. Later, to defeat Synnar and Lady Styx, Rann's atmosphere was explosively discharged into outer space with Rann's entire population Zeta-beamed to Throneworld.

Strange also discovers in this story that he is a member of the so-called Aberrant Six. With Throneworld renamed New Rann, Adam Strange once more teams up with the DC space heroes to investigate why some of the galaxy's stars are disappearing. It is discovered from the future spirit of Synnar that he is destined to be one of 'The Aberrant Six', a group critical to preventing the Synnar of today trapped in The Weird's body from destroying the universe.

Ultimately the Aberrant Six did not form and the future Synnar was forced to leave, but not before Captain Comet's mercenary friend Eye was killed by Synnar's supreme god-enemy to prevent the forming of the Six. Comet was entrusted with Eye's robot companion Orb until she returns, told by Synnar that when that happens he will "continue his negotiations — All has changed, but remains as it was".

Adam Strange realizes that one day Synnar will return and force him to join his Aberrant Six. Adam Strange then found himself joining up with Vril Dox as part of his R. Adam Strange helped to save the Vega system and several galaxies by defeating Starro the Conqueror. It was also around this time that Adam Strange visited New Krypton to protest the accord that their Council reached with the Thanagarians.

Explaining that the Rannians have recently been on the losing end in a war with the Thanagarians, Adam questions the judgment of the Council in reaching this accord. Whilst there he aided Superman who was investigating a murder. The plight of Rann's people was soon resolved by Vril Dox, seeking to restore his reputation after Starro the Conqueror stole L. Dox Zeta-beamed Rann into the Vega system, in the orbit previously held by the now destroyed planet Tamaran , and proceeded to terraform Rann and make it suitable to sustain life again.

The restoration of the planet Rann wasn't Dox's only reason for relocating it into the Vega system. First, by putting Rann into Tamaran's orbit, it restored the gravitational balance to the Vega system, which had been thrown off by Tamaran's destruction. Secondly, in exchange for restoring their planet, the people of Rann agreed to let Dox rebuild L. Tamaranian refugees, led by Blackfire , attacked Rann believing that since the planet was in Tamaran's orbit they had claim to it. The violence was ended when Vril Dox, who was off-world at the start of the conflict, arrived with Thanagarian warships and stopped the fighting without bloodshed on either side.

As it turned out, Dox was off-world negotiating an official end to the Rann-Thanagar War , using Rann's new-found distance from Thanagar and change in leadership on both sides as leverage.