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He had a complex personal life alongside his famous musical successes, but his bold defiance against the tyrants of the era stands out in any time period.

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In , Toscanini refused to allow his La Scala orchestra to play the Fascist anthem "Glovinezza," despite much pressure from Mussolini. As well, when tens of thousands of Jewish refugees streamed into Palestine in the late s, he traveled there to establish an orchestra of refugee musicians. The author had access to family archives and interviewed many relatives and associates in order to complete this monumental work. This is an excellent reference book for year olds. The colourful, eye-catching pages and short, simple text make it a perfect introduction to the solar system and exploration into space.

Both were inspired at an early age to follow space careers.


I highly recommend this book. Perhaps it will inspire our next generation of scientists or astronauts. Gundar-Goshen, winner of the Sapir Prize for best debut fiction, One Night, Markovitch, has written a novel which takes place in Israel, but it isn't about Zionism, or Judaism, or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Our main characters are African immigrants, Eritreans, Sudanese, and a brilliant neurosurgeon, Eitan Green, and his beautiful wife, who is a police detective. Eitan's connection to his two young boys is so deep in ways not usually described in a father.

What is your name, God

There is plenty of humiliation, guilt, and love in this book. There is also extortion and shame. So many interesting themes in this fast-paced novel! If I had only one word to describe this novel it would be intense. This is an incredible box of treasures on Israel. Included are four books covering a multitude of cultural and intellectual fields; four DVDs featuring different aspects of what makes Israel special and unique; a photographic portfolio of 25 frameable prints celebrating wondrous landscapes; a USB flash drive featuring vignettes about Israeli achievements and innovators; and a limited-edition scarf designed especially for this project by Philip Blau and Helena Blaunstein.

This makes a great gift. It comes with a CD of 20 excerpts from recordings of important pieces written by well-known composers, ranging from Beethoven to Britten. All the music is selected because it is reminiscent of water, which the written parts of the book emphasize. The biographies of the composers and definitions of musical terms are adapted for children. This is a great gift for the children in your life. This is one of the best novels I have ever read. The novel opens on April 12, President Lincoln and his wife are hosting a ball; their young son Willie, upstairs, is deathly ill and dying.

The Civil War is raging and casualties are mounting. With this background, Saunders gives us one of the most beautifully written, sensitive accounts of love, grief, and endurance one can imagine. And that is even before we talk about slavery and ghosts! Yes, ghosts; not usually to my taste but this novel is at once a feat of imagination and utterly realistic. Even though we are among ghosts in the Bardo a transitional state in the Hindu religion for two hundred pages, it's amusing, funny, and at times, hilarious.

Each voice, each character, has his or her own distinctive tone. It is fun to guess who is speaking before you see the source, which brings me to the unusual collage structure of this novel, not always a straight narrative but always entertaining, with many voices, some contemporary newspaper or diary accounts, and a main character, Lincoln, to whom the reader needs no introduction. The ghosts are like a chorus commenting on Lincoln's grief, the tragedy of the Civil War, and the human condition, for any of us that still care. New York in the first half of the twentieth century was an explosive time for art.

There is currently a new exhibit of the work of Stettheimer, one of the great American artists of the century. The beautiful book combines reproductions of her artwork and poetry. This is a humourous picture book for children aged If you want to make dragons happy and get them on your side, throw a party and serve tacos. It can be any kind; chicken or beef, big or small. Do not serve the tacos with spicy salsa. This will cause havoc- ears to smoke, sparks to fly, and definitely stomach upset.

Unfortunately, the young boy in the story hosting the party didn't read the fine print on a jar of mild salsa. The playfully coloured illustrations with dragons of various sizes, shapes and colours enhance the amusing text and provide some clues that are not present in Rubin's words. This light-hearted, laugh-out-loud book is sure to entertain. This story will make you laugh, smile, and think. If you have read Grossman before, you might wonder at a main character, Dovaleh Greenstein, who is a stand-up comic, but Grossman, among all his other talents, is superb at stand-up comedy.

Regarding the soul, which requires "nonstop upkeep," he doesn't have the resources to maintain one: "Every single day, all day long, you gotta haul it in for servicing", so forget soul searching.

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The humor is painful at times; in a riff on Mengele, you will find yourself smiling inside and fearful at the same time, wanting relief from this joke, but one is unable to stop reading as this comedy speeds toward tragedy. We continue on to explore how damaged one can be when brought up by parents who are survivors or escaped "seconds" before Mengele could "declare his short consultation: right, left, left, left You will laugh out loud as you realize how a sweet kid became a bully and an abused kid became an abuser.

What does this imply for a country and its soul? Or is that too big a leap? Some reviewers have called it "shocking, raw, eloquent. Sandberg, the chief operating officer at Facebook and the author of Lean In, and Grant, a psychologist and Wharton professor, have written an eloquent book on tragic loss and the need to find a way to continue living.

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Option B is much more than just a personal story, though. Through the telling of many others' stories, it is also an exploration of the uncanny human ability to persevere through emotional trauma and regain happiness. I expect that this book will offer reliable comfort to many people. This book, beautifully illustrated and written by R. Palacio, features Auggie from her bestselling chapter book, Wonder. The theme of acceptance will be easily understood by younger children. Auggie, the narrator of the story, is a ten-year-old boy who does ordinary things, but looks very different from others.

He is stared at, made fun of, and bullied by other children. In order to cope and feel normal, he escapes into the world of space with his dog, Daisy. Despite how poorly he is treated by others, he is not discouraged, but seems encouraged and hopeful about human capabilities. From the cover to the illustrations to the words, the story makes the point that we are all "wonders" and the importance of seeing beyond an individual's physical appearance.

It evokes much discussion and is a must-read for children and their parents. This novel is quirky, fun, sad, and elegant.

As my friend Jackie, who recommended the book, said to me, "Sometimes you don't want the page to end, it's so delicious. If he steps outside, it will be off to Siberia. So he stays for over 30 years. One of the best parts of the book is the many, many colorful characters who pass through the Count's life during his confinement.

Nina, age nine, who calls him your Countship, is my favorite. Home is the big theme of this story.

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As Towles says, the Russians who love their land so much are the first people to send a person into exile at home! This is a novel to enjoy and relax with. The horrors of the era are still there but understated. The Count confronts injustice and the insane bureaucracy using authority, order, and manners to ward off the chaos. Most pages will bring a smile to your face. If you were playing a word association game, and someone said the word 'Passover,' the first word out of your mouth will probably not be 'easy. What sets this book apart is the friendliness of the authors; you feel as if they are in the kitchen with you helping you through the preparations for the seder meals.

This new book by the Japanese author Megumi Iwasa is a delightful, simple, and funny tale about long-distance friendship.

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Letter writing, quite a rarity in our digital world, is key to the development of the story. The black ink illustrations add action and humour to the text. Giraffe, who lives in the African savanna, is bored and lonely and wants to share things with a friend. He wonders what is on the other side of the horizon. Giraffe writes a letter and gives it to Pelican, who operates a delivery service. After a while, Pelican returns, but without a response. However, a letter soon arrives from Penguin, and with Pelican's help the two become pen-pals.

Since they know nothing about each other, their letters are full of questions about appearances, habits, and surroundings. Children between the ages of 5 and 9 will learn, enjoy, cherish, and want to share this chapter book.

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The latest novel by this great Israeli writer poses the questions, "Are traitors always bad? This is a novel of ideas, an allegory and a love story, take your pick! We meet three people from three generations. We find ourselves in Jerusalem in the winter of , not the chaotic, bustling government center of today but a sleepier dusty backwater. Samuel Ash, a young university drop-out, is hired by Atalia, the beautiful daughter-in-law of Gershom Wald, an old member of the founding Zionist generation. Atalia hires him just to sit, talk, and argue with Wald.

Shmuel is writing his thesis on the Jewish views of Jesus. In a few months of living together they change each other. Oz is a supreme storyteller and here his story is somewhat disturbing. The concept of the founding of the State as a questionable idea is contemplated, but then through Wald, Oz asks why Israel should be the first country to divest itself of the "sin" of nationalism?

This novel, which considers the contemporary meaning of Judas and whether all Jews are considered Judases in the eyes of the world, is a reminder that the author's political views have led some Israelis to call Oz a traitor. The quandaries and dilemmas are what make reading this book such a rewarding experience.