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It could also be a great way to keep the title on Seth Rollins. Edit Favorites. Contact Us. GDPR Compliance. B2 [ U ] the feeling caused by something unexpected happening :. To my great surprise, they agreed to all our demands. Feelings of surprise and amazement. Idiom surprise, surprise. B1 to make someone feel surprise:.

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The news surprised everyone. The robbers had just opened the safe when they were surprised by the police.

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It won't surprise you to learn that she has left the company. They surprised their father by cleaning the house from top to bottom. Their generosity surprised me. It often surprises people that we don't charge money for our service. I wanted to surprise my parents , so I turned up with my hair dyed black. The basketball player paid a surprise visit to the campus on Thursday.

She surprised a lot of tennis fans by winning the Canadian Open. If you say that you are not surprised or would not be surprised if something happened , you mean that you almost expect it:. I would not be surprised to see the economy slow down next year. To surprise someone is also to find the person unexpectedly :.

She jumped out and surprised her sister , who ran out into the hall. Examples of surprise. The proxy for energy-price surprises is then formed by subtracting these forecasts from the actual change in the energy price.

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From Cambridge English Corpus. The first attack surprises most listeners, and it is reiterated three times. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

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Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. The whole subsequent religious life is linked in this way to that moment and that state in which this feeling surprised the soul.

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They were surprised at their level of success, particularly over the caretakers, and managed to win a week's holiday with pay for the board's carpenters. How our symbolic capacities could be regarded as "trivial" surprised me. The change of form into dance stimulated and surprised the audience and kept them more engaged in the ideas of the production.

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What is surprising given the subtlety of the judgements in 36 is the consistency with which they are reported.